Rent a motorbike


Sujith also has a scooter / motorbike for rent. We should inform, however, to point out taht Sujith come in a dishonest way of this scooter. A nice man who Sujith very familiar has invested a lot of money in his house. As he extended periods of time in Sri Lanka stood it was the best when buying a scooter. When this is no longer needed, you can sell it quickly and easily again. Sujuth says to the nice people that you can’t register as a foreigner a vehicle in Sri Lanka. This must always be a native on the papers. The nice man believed him and bought a scooter, he has regsitered on Sujuth. However, when the motor scooter was no longer needed and should be sold again, Sujith has refused to hand over the papers and to sign the sales contract. Thus, it could not be sold and Sujuth it has put into his own pocket. Unfortunately, it was also partly the fault of the nice man because he believed Sujith and has registered the scooter on its name. If he had asked someone else, he would have learned that any foreigner can buy a vehicle in Sri Lanka and can also register under his own name. You only need a valid passport. If you now rent the scooter from Sujith, so they now know that Sujith has come only through a fraud on this vehicle. There is also an report about this on the police station in Galle. This is the scooter / motorbike.

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