Sri Lanka Party

Sri Lanka is not a party country. But this is not to say that there are no parties in Sri Lanka. But you can not compare with Thailand’s nightlife and party life in Sri Lanka. Thailand and Sri Lanka are very different here.

Sri Lanka Party Land?
In Thailand there are proper party islands such as Koh Phangan. On Koh Phangan there is always and every day a party. Once a month on Koh Phangan then also the Full Moon Party. This can be found at the full moon up to 30,000 party people a.

In Sri Lanka there is going rather less. There are times here and there on the weekend a disco on the beach and that was about it.

Major events such as the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, there are almost none.

But the Sri Lankan government has determined that you need to change something here and now tries once a year a beach party in Hikkaduwa to organize.

Organizer and the Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka under the leadership of Heman Dharmapriya.

For more information about planned events (Sri Lanka Party – Sri Lanka Beach Party) they receive from the Ministry of Tourism Sri Lanka / or bile of Heman Dharmapriya.

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