Sri Lanka Unawatuna Apartment – House contract to sell

SriLanka-SiennaApartment3We stayed in the small town of Unawatuna on the south coast of Sri Lanka started to build a house (3 minutes to the beach). Unfortunately, this has with the resident owner of the property does not work the way we had planned.

The owner has sadly underestimated the cost of construction very far. The plan was to build 2 floors with 2 apartments – The Sienna Resort. These apartments were to be rented to tourists and are also available free of charge for personal use for the owner of the contract / Investor available.

Lt. Contract shall be divided 50/50 between landowners and owners of the contract / Investor income from the rent. The costs of maintenance, operating and tax charges are to be borne by the owner of the property.

The contract will run from the date the apartments 15 years. Then the apartments go over to the owner of the property.

The house was completed in 2015.

If you are interested to buy our contract so you can contact us at any time. +43 6603900100

Please note:

It is very important that you are in Sri Lanka, while the house is being built to monitor construction companies and workers, and later should be present to collect the rental income itself! It can be sad to not trust anyone in Sri Lanka! Unfortunately, we no longer have the opportunity to be on site throughout the year.

Sue the owner for damages.

A further possibility is to sue the owner from damages. Actually, the House should generate rental income of 20,000 euros per year for 2013. 
Who lives in Sri Lanka and has time, can sue the homeowners as the owner of the contract. It has thus already ca (2015) € 50,000.
We would sell the contract to 8,000 euros.

Here are some photos from the construction and the plan

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